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BRiDG3 - Our route to the future

The ultimate hackathon around Web3 technology! A tipping point where developers, designers and business minds come together to create industry-shaping solutions.

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Herkkä Snacs Nålla Nokian Panimo Demola

What is BRiDG3?

Are you ready to change the world? BRiDG3 is a revolutionary opportunity for all Web3 enthusiasts to find groundbreaking solutions for the future. Web3 pioneers will mentor you along the way so you can fight for the amazing prizes with your team.

With the fun experience of BRiDG3 you’ll learn valuable skills and network with the best companies! This spring, we're building bridges across frontiers, as BRiDG3 gathers students together for a month to hack all over Finland in both physical locations and online!

BRiDG3 events are physically hosted in Tampere, ending all the way to the bright lights of Nokia Arena. So what are you waiting for? Let’s create our BRiDG3 to the future with the limitless opportunities of Web3 technologies!

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All participants get to have a vote in choosing the winners as Web3 is highly collaborative and community driven!

If the winning team chooses to continue developing their solution they will get another 5000 € bonus!

5000 € + (5000 €)


2000 €

Second place

1000 €

Third place

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These people will help you at the hackathon

Mika Karaila
Harri Katajisto
Ville Grahn
Samuli Cantell
Jussi Kivipuro
Radha Kulkarni
Wesa Aapro
Osku Torro
Santeri Saarinen
Mikko Tikkanen
Marja Konttinen
Sami Peltola
Lauri Rustanius
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Kickoff Event


Platform 6, Tampere / online

The challenges are revealed and the teams start building their Web3 solutions right away. Over the coming weeks BRiDG3 mentors will offer their up-to-date knowledge to participants to help them on their journey.


Midway Checkpoint


Platform 6, Tampere / online

Teams are improving their solutions. With the help of our mentors, participants will have a clear vision of what to improve and what problems need to be solved in the final weeks.


Final Checkpoint


Platform 6, Tampere / online

Pitching training, finalizing the product. Team members will get training on how to pitch effectively for the final day! Teams keep working to polish and finalize their pilot product.


Final Day


Nokia Areena, Tampere

Peer Review by other participants and final assessment of the project by juries, general public, as well as challenge-specific assessment by partner representatives.

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What is Web3 all about?

Web3 is the next generation of the internet, where decentralization, openness, and trust are at the core of everything. Web3 is built on blockchain technology, which enables decentralized and transparent solutions that are immune to censorship and manipulation.

At BRiDG3, we're passionate about exploring the potential of Web3 technology to create a better and more equitable future. Our hackathon brings together developers, designers and business minds to collaborate and innovate in the world of Web3. And if you need to level up on your Web3 knowledge, be sure to check out our Web3 Masterclass!

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Volunteering opportunities

At BRiDG3, we believe that everyone can contribute to creating a better future, and that includes volunteers. We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who share our passion for Web3 technology and want to make a difference in the world. This learning opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Apply to be a volunteer


No, the event will be available both offline and online. We recommend being present to get the best experience, but you can also complete the entire event online! 🌐

It is not mandatory. However, the course provides some insights into the world of Web3, which can benefit your success in the hackathon. 🚀

Yes, you are very welcome to join! We will find other skilled team members for you and ensure that no one is left alone. 👥

Registering for the hackathon is free of charge! In fact, you can even win some money! 🏆

Yes, for all teams that have made it into the finals, the event at Nokia Arena is free. You can also join if you didn't make it to the finals. However, we have a limited amount of tickets for the fastest ones! 📢

Here's the link for the participant handbook which has all the information you need to know about the hackathon.


The people making BRiDG3 happen

Sointu Karjalainen

Sointu Karjalainen


The Good Cartel

Aamos Heikkilä

Aamos Heikkilä


Tampere ES

Henrik Porvari

Henrik Porvari


Tampere ES

Niko Kettunen

Niko Kettunen


Tampere ES

Teemu Rautavalta

Teemu Rautavalta


Tampere ES

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If you still have some questions you can come ask us on Discord or send us an email [email protected]

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