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AIcademia: Human-AI Partnerships in the Metaverse

Dedicated mentors from partner: Osku Torro

The Problem - Background:

The recent advancements in AI represent a paradigm shift in computing. Numerous cutting-edge tools have emerged, such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and the upcoming Microsoft Copilot, showcasing AI's ability to generate text, images, presentations, and even code with just a few prompts as input. This transformation is expected to not only transform how we work in the real world but also in the Metaverse. Utilizing AI, particularly in the Metaverse, is intriguing because the absence of physical-world limitations enables unimaginable potential for AI-powered workflows and tools.

However, this creates a problem. We have all these fancy AI-tools coming, but we don't know how to use them, let alone design, or implement them into the Metaverse! In this Hackathon challenge, participants are invited to present an AI-centered User Experience (UX) Design or Architecture Design for XR Campus, a collaborative virtual reality (VR) platform for the ECIU University. The aim of this challenge is to explore how humans and AI can work together in the Metaverse and how this collaboration can enhance human performance and productivity in the Metaverse. The context of this challenge is knowledge work and education.

Your Impact - The Challenge:

Together with your team members, you have two options for the challenge:

  1. User Experience (UX) Design: In this challenge, you will create mockups, and/or conceptual descriptions (such as interaction design, visual design, and usability) for the use of AI in the Metaverse. The design should focus on how humans and AI can collaborate in the Metaverse, and how the application can optimize human performance by leveraging AI capabilities.
  2. Architecture Design: In this challenge, participants will define the application architecture, including designing the system, data, and integration architecture. The architecture should support the seamless integration of AI algorithms and human input (such as prompts). Participants will also select the appropriate hardware and software platforms for the VR application.

End result could look like:

  • Formal visual description (user journey) and demo (desktop), Evaluations based on standalone deployment, feasability, scalability.

Additionally, participants should describe practical use cases for their solution and its potential to optimize human performance and productivity with the use of AI in the Metaverse. Your ideas are valuable to us in the development of “XR Campus 2.0”. Push the boundaries of what's possible. Be bold and adventurous!

Potential Considerations

When responding to this challenge, you may (but are not required to) consider the following:

For additional resources you could consider the following:


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