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Metaverse Manufacturing Experience: Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition in Tampere's Manufacturing Industry!

Dedicated mentors from partner: Harri Katajisto

The Problem - Background:

Right now, our region is facing a major skill shortage, and we need creative minds like yours to help us turn things around!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design an innovative learning environment that will make the manufacturing industry in Tampere more appealing and exciting for people your age. You'll be combining the best of both worlds – physical and virtual – to showcase the industry's incredible history, current achievements, and future possibilities. You'll also explore the various companies, products, and educational opportunities available for all levels of education in the area.

Get ready to make a real impact on the Tampere community and inspire the next generation of manufacturing talents! Are you in?

Your Impact - The Challenge:

Together with your team members, you will create:

  1. An imaginary, immersive experience that blends both physical and digital realms, effectively showcasing the Tampere area's industrial landscape. This will include the industry's rich history, current state, and future prospects, along with the companies, products, and diverse educational opportunities available for students of all ages.
  2. Create a demo to showcase what the experience looks like, what users could do there

Potential Considerations

Feel free to use these as inspiration and include some real life elements in your experience. You can go wild and try entirely new and innovative Metaverse/ digital twin technologies, use AR, no code tools, AI, or do a 3D model of an existing physical location. The main guideline is that you will create an experience environment combining the physical space and virtual environment. And if you’re ambitious, you can explore some gamification elements in your demo.

For additional resources you could conduct an internet search to gather relevant information that may be useful. Potential search keywords could include:

  • Learning environments
  • Image building

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