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Enter the Valmetaverse: One Step Closer Industrial Metaverse Magic!

Dedicated mentors from partner: Mika Karaila, Aura Rapatti

The Problem - Background:

As we move towards the future, there will be fewer factory and equipment maintenance personnel available. Equipment can break down, malfunction, and require repairs. Maintenance teams often struggle to access real-time data on failing equipment, pinpoint their locations, and navigate the complexities of each factory. Addressing these challenges is crucial to ensure efficient equipment maintenance and minimize downtime.

Industrial Metaverse and Digital Twins can bring substantial benefits to this problem. By tackling this challenge, your team will contribute to a more efficient maintenance workflow, saving time and resources for maintenance teams in the industrial sector. Your innovative solutions will help reduce equipment downtime and pave the way for a more connected and streamlined industrial metaverse. Let the magic begin!

Your Impact - The Challenge:

Together with your team members, you will work on one, more or all of the following solutions to help maintenance teams work more effectively. Focus on ease of use, user experience, and design while creating a map app with live data to facilitate equipment maintenance. You can even create a demo of the user journey if you feel ambitious:

  1. Location Content:
    Develop a React mobile application to track device and GPS data location (lat.lon.alt) Utilize QR codes, NFC tags, to read device identification data (device tag, serial number, model)
  2. Real-Time Data Visualization:
    Display live data by device tag or serial number
  3. Digital Twin:
    Create animated symbols (e.g., "tank + level") with real-time data Represent motor on-off, valve opening, hand valve on-off, and gauge measurement values (0-6 bar)
  4. Navigation to Device:
    Implement a maintenance alert system with alarms for "broken" or "not working" equipment
  5. Bonus - Digital assistant:
    Maintenance can ask for help or instructions for device maintenance. Alpaca (ChatGPT like), local instance UX integration (Google for example: motor maintenance checklist)

Potential Considerations

When responding to this challenge, you may (but are not required to) consider the following:


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