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Licence to Play: Understanding the metaverse civics for fun & safe metaverse society

Dedicated mentors from partner: Wesa Aapro, Ville Grahn

The Problem - Background:

Roblox is affecting Generation Z and Alpha, today.

It’s time to stop debating about the definition of the metaverse and time to start acting upon the implications!

Metaverse is revolutionizing the way we socialize, creating unparalleled opportunities for interaction! In the past, online forums relied on text-based argumentation skills, while social media demanded captivating storytelling and a strong visual presence. But what does avatar-based, spatial, and gamified metaverse worlds ask of their users?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to uncover the secret ingredients for thriving and fueling positivity in virtual universes!

Delve into the heart of metaverse civics and explore how we can identify and reward positive actions within it. Who plays the role of the healer, enabling epic dragon-slaying adventures? Who guides the newcomers through the intricate mechanics of new realms? Help us recognize what social behavior transcends the boundaries of the metaverse platforms and start affecting our society. Ideate solutions that visualize and encourage good behavior and help “metaverseans” become better citizens!

Let’s create a metaverse culture that celebrates positivity, cooperation, and the heroes among us. Get ready to leave your mark on the future of virtual interaction!

Your Impact - The Challenge:

Together with your team members, you will embark on a mission to achieve three key outcomes that will make a lasting impact on metaverse communities by documenting them in a clear way:

  1. Dive deep into user research and expert interviews to understand what truly rewards and benefits the community. Combine customer insights with cutting-edge technology to cater to the Meta-Native audience.
  2. Develop a system or a concept to identify positive behavior, incorporating data, technology, and other innovative methods. Explore the concept of "peer review" for community-driven mechanics.
  3. Create rewarding mechanics that identify and celebrate genuinely good behavior, leading to a positive impact on the community. Establish metrics that reflect the value of beneficial actions, and document your concept in a co-created format.

Embrace the unique opportunities of the metaverse, where even a poop emoji can have a positive spin! Encourage positive anarchism that fosters safety and optimism within virtual experiences. Go beyond the usual norms and redefine what it means to be a positive force in the ever-evolving metaverse landscape.

Potential Considerations

When responding to this challenge, you may (but are not required to) consider the following:


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