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Amanda Cassatt

Amanda Cassatt

CEO, Founder, Author


Amanda Cassatt (née Gutterman) is an explorer of technology, economics, and culture. An early crypto entrepreneur, Amanda brought Ethereum to market as ConsenSys' Chief Marketing Officer from 2016 through 2019, and built the first web3 marketing team.

After working on Ethereum through its initial growth period, she founded Serotonin, the marketing firm and product studio for transformative technologies. Today Serotonin is the leading web3 strategy and marketing practice, with over 100 employees worldwide, supporting the top teams pushing the decentralization movement forward. Serotonin’s in-house product studio incubates and spins out software companies. Its first spinout was Mojito, the NFT e-commerce infrastructure platform used by Sotheby's, CAA, the Milwaukee Bucks, and more, that enables brands and creators to engage with web3. Serotonin's most recent spinout is Franklin, the compliant cash-and-crypto hybrid payroll provider.

Amanda serves as CEO of Serotonin and President of Mojito. She was included on both the Forbes and Inc. 30 under 30 lists in 2016, and speaks at events such as TechCrunch Disrupt, WEF, SALT, and Web Summit. Her work on Ethereum and NFTs has been covered in Vogue, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and Rolling Stone.