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Heli Harrikari

Heli Harrikari

Strategic Lead

ECIU University

Heli Harrikari is a strategic leader and innovative developer with a passion for building a new European University and ecosystem. She has extensive knowledge of future higher education trends and a keen understanding of the social ecosystemic impact. Heli is internationally minded with an extensive network of contacts, making her the ideal Strategic Lead for the ECIU University project.

As the Strategic Lead for the ECIU University, Heli directed Tampere University's ECIU University project for three pilot years. Her goal is to create something that the member universities would not be able to pursue on their own, while bringing new winds of change to the European higher education scene. Heli emphasizes that the ECIU University is not just a project, but a true European community.

Heli believes that ECIU University will be able to claim its place as a new European player that complements national universities. With a wealth of opportunities in Europe and Tampere, ECIU University offers new ways of developing skills for both degree students and continuous learners, while supporting multidisciplinary research and finding reliable partners from both within and outside of the universities.

As the world rapidly changes, skills development must also be renewed, and Heli is determined to create solutions to the big issues of our time. She is excited about the challenge-based activities that will link learning, teaching, research, innovation, and societal impact.

Heli is aware that she has a complex task in her hands, but she is up to the challenge. Her strategy work ensures that the different activities within the ecosystem are moving towards the common goals. Heli firmly believes that even the most ambitious goals can be achieved through co-operation and the enthusiasm of a wide range of people to seize new opportunities.

Overall, Heli is an ambitious and innovative leader who is making a positive impact in higher education across Europe.