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Wesa Aapro

Wesa Aapro

Metaverse Lead


Wesa is the Metaverse Lead and Creative Technologist at Yle Innovations, driven by a passion for exploring the possibilities of new technology while remaining grounded in reality. With a focus on the #metaverse, he has been at the forefront of this concept, which has already become a reality for those in the know.

He is also fascinated by the potential of creative AI, which has no ego and can be used to create something pure and naive yet divine. This concept inspires him deeply.

When not learning new skills from YouTube tutorials, he expresses himself through whatever medium he can find. Though he has an education in art, he doesn't consider himself an artist and instead uses words as his canvas. He's mindful of the dangers of mansplaining, especially as a 40-something male.

As a single father to three teenage children, he has gained a holistic perspective on life, which he brings to his work. With an extensive entrepreneurial background in creating digital services and games for youth, he has a deep appreciation for the next generation's ability to shape the open and decentralized web3 and its culture.

Overall, he is a passionate and driven individual who seeks to embrace new technology and express himself in meaningful ways.